Brands That Affect Who We Are



1.  a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.
“a new brand of detergent”
synonyms:make, line, label, marque;

The concept of brands and the way we use them throughout our lives reveal the disposition of the human condition. We are on our own brand much like Victoria’s Secret sells underwear and Best Buy sells electronics. This includes our identity, personality, work ethic, goals, aspirations, fears etc.

The Success of an INTERVENTION depends on the INTERIOR CONDITION of the INTERVENOR.

-William O'Brien

A brand persona refers to the human-like attributes associated with brands. For example, Apple is cool, Hermes is elegant, and the Volkswagen Beetle is more of a car than a Lamborghini Veneno. Much like humans, brands develop their personality with time, as they mature.

A personal or corporate brand, develop in similar ways. Through marketing a brand or through associating with different niche market influencers, a brand can change the identify and reputation to target a new market. That could affect one personal brand in many ways. Lets say you where trying to find a job. If you associate with different influencers, your brand could in theory, expand the total reach. Therefore, creating more opportunities.

Life's too short to wear boring clothes.

-Carly Cushnie, Founder, Cushnie Et Ochs

Ultimately, the psychology of personal/corporate brands and design, comes down to just keeping up or creating new trends to affect other personal/corporate brands. While still providing deep insight in the human condition and what makes you twitch.