New Media, Old Media, or Just Media.



1.  the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet), regarded collectively.
“their demands were publicized by the media”
synonyms: the press, the fourth estate, the news, the papers;

Each of these media are unique and utilize the distinct characteristics of each platform. They play their own role in developing and conveying the most compelling stories of each day.

If it wasn’t for Golden Tree Asset Management, this chain may not be in existence today, because there were no Canadians who stepped up to buy (the papers).… People should be happy that at least somebody (bought) the newspapers) and kept a lot of people employed.

-Paul Godfrey, CEO, Post Media Networks, 2016.

Canadian old/traditional media are all corporate consolidation and cutbacks, especially in local news coverage due to fact they didn’t seize the day such as Vice, New York Times,etc. Canadian news media are in danger of lurching into the abyss unless Ottawa takes action soon. We have a monopoly here in Canada by the name of Post Media Networks.

We’re definitely seeing a slowdown in growth for the digital ad model, but they (the firms) are still growing.

-Justin B Smith, the chief executive of Bloomberg Media.

New global media refers to digital media that’s interactive and incorporates two-way communications. Be as it may, social networks, digital news, etc. are being redefined constantly.

The richer long-term sustainable business of creating great media, covering news and storytelling is a good business..

-Jason Kint, the head of the US media trade association Digital Content Next.

Even as the media world has moved into a new, converged platform, businesses of all kinds need to focus their community behind their brand. Saying old/new media just doesn’t cut it. It’s all just media, we will consume it as we always have.