Wicked Problem; Lose Lose or Win Win

The concept of wicked problems has become a fad in contemporary policy analysis, with any number of problems being labeled as “wicked”. This type of problems are a social or cultural problems that is incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.

The way we address the wicked problem seems to be drifting from a society that indefatigably strives to define a win win from lose lose to a culture that exalts winners and excoriates losers. This is dangerous in the extreme. There may be business reasons to eschew win win because the dominant strategy is simply “win.” To win as a society, we got to first address these problems.

You can learn for either a lose lose or win win scenario, when solving a problem. No matter the results, all strategies to defined a wicked problem is an intra- or inter- process. Going back to the drawing board is not a win/lose it is a learning event.